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Welcome to Masa


Welcome to Masa, the network powering Fair AI. We are on a mission to revolutionize the AI landscape by providing an open, permissionless marketplace for specialized AI training data and compute resources. Our vision is to enable any builder, anywhere in the world, to access the tools they need to create innovative and specialized AI applications.

The Need for Fair AI

The AI industry is at a critical juncture. A few centralized players currently dominate the landscape, controlling access to large language models (LLMs) and compute resources. This centralization has led to several issues:

  • LLMs are often unfair to people, failing to properly attribute outputs to data sources. This has resulted in lawsuits and risks for companies using these models.
  • As general purpose LLMs become commoditized, the most valuable AI applications will be the most specialized ones. However, building specialized AI requires access to specialized training data, which is not readily available.
  • Leading compute and inference providers charge high prices and can arbitrarily deny service to builders, stifling innovation and limiting access.

Masa believes that the solution to these challenges lies in a decentralized network powering Fair AI.

The Masa Solution

Masa has built the leading marketplace for data and compute, connecting data and compute contributors with developers. Our platform incentivizes people to contribute specialized data sets and sell compute resources in an open, permissionless manner.

Key features of the Masa network include:

  • Fair AI: Masa pioneers the concept of Fair AI, transparently attributing results to contributors and rewarding them whenever their data is used in applications. This solves a major problem for developers and companies, helping them avoid liability from using content without proper licensing.

  • Specialized Data & Open Source LLMs: Masa enables the contribution of specialized data sets to train AI models and access to open source LLMs provisioned by workers. This empowers builders to create the most valuable and specialized AI applications by leveraging unique data and powerful open source LLMs, all within a decentralized, permissionless ecosystem.

  • Open Marketplace: Our open, permissionless marketplace democratizes access to AI training data and compute resources. Contributors can earn rewards by contributing data and selling compute, while developers can access the resources they need to build innovative applications.

AI Worker Nodes Introduction

Masa empowers contributors to monetize their data and compute resources by becoming Worker Nodes on the network. As a Worker Node, you can:

  • Stake tokens to provide work to the network and earn rewards for your nodes availablity and uptime.
  • Receive and process data requests from Oracle Nodes, servicing data and LLM requests.
  • Earn network emissions and fees for the work you provide, generating a new revenue stream.
  • Access the network's vast dataset and LLM resources to efficiently process requests and deliver accurate results.

By contributing to Masa as a Worker Node, you play a vital role in powering the decentralized AI ecosystem while being rewarded for your efforts.

Masa for Developers: AI Oracle Nodes

Masa offers developers a decentralized platform to access diverse data sources and powerful LLM services through Oracle Nodes. By running an Oracle Node, you can:

  • Stake tokens to access the network's rich data and powerful open source LLM services, submitting data or LLM requests to Worker Nodes.
  • Submit data or LLM requests to Worker Nodes to power your AI applications.
  • Tap into a wide range of data sources and LLM models to fulfill various data and processing requirements, for example:
    • Crypto Sentiment Analysis: Combine data from our Twitter Scraper and Web Scraper to gather real-time information about cryptocurrency trends, news, and public sentiment.
    • Crypto Community Insights: Leverage our Discord Profile and Guild Membership Scraper to extract comprehensive data from prominent crypto communities on Discord.
    • Crypto News Aggregation and Summarization: Utilize our Web Scraper to collect real-time data from leading crypto news websites and blogs.

By leveraging Masa as a Oracle Node, developers can build innovative AI applications with the power of decentralized data and compute at their fingertips.

Join the Fair AI Revolution

Masa is more than just a technology platform - it's a movement to make AI more accessible, equitable, and beneficial for all. By contributing data or compute resources to the Masa network, you can help power the next generation of Fair AI applications and be rewarded for your contributions.

We invite you to join us in building a decentralized future for AI. Explore our documentation to learn more about how Masa works and how you can get involved. Together, let's unlock the true potential of AI - powered by the people, for the people.


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